Time travel, ancestral traditions, reproductive technology and the beautiful game as you’ve never se

Witches, spirits of the forest, techniques to combat stress and bad habits, brave and empowering women, tarotists and spiritual guides - the first half of the first season of The Doc Collective has taken us through many places and paths; the next one will take us via time travel to the past and the future, exploring new reproductive technologies, pitt stopping along the way to the nearest pub, uncovering the football world and its followers. Are you joining us?

March 2017: Time to travel to the past


"La semana grande" delves into how Easter is experienced in southern Spain. This celebration remains to this day closely tied to ancestral traditions, immovable for centuries. In this new collection we bring you Easter from an anthropological point of view: what it is and why it is capable of moving millions of people, regardless of whether they are religious or not.

April 2017: Let's celebrate this world cup year


"The Refrain" seeks to uncover the notorious dominance of the football chant and the tribalism it fosters within the beautiful game. We'll meet different football fans and encounter different points of views. Along the way we’ll visit a chantmaster, meet fans of West Ham United in a football documentary ode and we’ll will learn why football anthems are capable of moving the hearts of the masses, a religious experience to some.

May 2017: The biological clock has its days numbered


The term "The Mañana Generation" was coined by Carl Djerassi, co-inventor of the contraceptive pill, to describe the future generation of young people who will completely separate sex from reproduction: they will freeze their eggs and sperm at a young age, conserving their best and healthiest quality of fertility until deciding to become parents. Djerassi thought that Tomorrow’s Generation would appear around the year 2050, but the technology already exists now. With more and more women freezing their eggs, the first members of the Tomorrow Generation are already starting to emerge. What are the motivations for doing this? How will society and the workplace adapt? Is it a gender equalizer? How will it affect family life? We will explore this interesting topic from different angles and views.

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