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In this first season of The Doc Collective we wanted to focus on systems of values ​​and beliefs that characterize and differentiate the human species from others.

In our first DOCCO, we focus on stories, legends and myths. The Mythic Guide explores the system of values ​​and beliefs that lie behind the myths. Why do myths exist?

Myths serve to express things that the in past seemed to have no reasonable explanation. For example, why a canyon or cliff was formed? Why does it turn dark at night or why does a volcano erupt? In times when scientific knowledge was non-existent, it was these stories that shed some light on things that escaped human understanding.

Because one thing humanity have in common is the need to understand, to come up with theories and tell others what we’ve learned and think.

We can find these kind of stories in all cultures - their different connotations and interpretations are what constitute the folklore and culture of a society.

The importance of myths is essential for our growth as social individuals, it helps us reflect, analyze and learn to communicate ideas in an orderly manner. This helps us organize our thoughts and search for our truth.

In our second DOCCO "Trew Health", we told you the story of Sophie. Sophie reinvented her life by starting new habits and daily rituals that changed her lifestyle. Rituals and healthy habits are something that defines us as a species. They help us be more aware of our existence, our body and our mind. Things like meditation and yoga help us listen to ourselves and connect with our true self - trapped under the multiple layers of social conventions. It could be said that in a way these rituals or habits in a secular way help us connect with our soul.

With our third Docco "Guatemala´s Psychic" we tell you the story of Pepe. Pepe is a character. He became a priest at 14 and due to the psychic powers he claims to have, left to study psychology. He holds a PHD in parapsychology and psychiatry and is a champion of Latin American dance in Central America.

Pepe is a captivating storyteller, weaving tales with a touch of magical realism - as if plucked from a Gabriel García Márquez book. His stories, which speak of a mother born with the gift of sight and a grandfather possessing the power of levitation.

Pepe is enchanting because he reminds us of what defines us as humans: the freedom to choose what you want to believe in, the gift of telling stories, of recreating them, of exaggerating them or even inventing them. If you have watched the movie “Big Fish”, you will understand what we are talking about here.

Pepe represents the liberty we all should have to be the person we want to be: eclectic, sometimes inexact, sometimes contradictory, who may not know all the exact truth but who definitely knows people well.

At his home, you can find all kinds of imagery from different cults: Egyptian pharaohs, Buddha, Jewish kabbalah, precious stones and minerals, bibles, saints, angels, rosemarys and virgins. - a system of beliefs that Pepe has designed ad hoc for himself because it works for him.

Pepe teaches us that if a system of values, even a non official one, works for you, why not believe in it? Don’t all religions base themselves off of myths?

As Pepe mentioned, throughout his compelling and lengthy interview, the important thing is accepting and tolerating all kinds of ideologies and beliefs. What’s not acceptable to him are those that encourage violent attitudes or such behaviors towards others.

At The Doc Collective, this is our philosophy - to try and understand different approaches and ideologies. We believe in the freedom of expression and choice.

Next month, our Docco will be about one of the biggest religious traditions in Spain. We will examine it from the point of view of the observer, and try to learn why other human beings behave the way they do - paying homage to the symbolism and beauty found within traditions of these believers.

But for now we will leave you with Pepe, we hope you can find his story as contradictory, interesting and human as we do:

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