5 Trew Inspired Tips For Healthy Living

“Before cancer my life was pretty manic I was always on the go and it was the typical lifestyle of someone in their early 20’s. Getting ill actually brought me back into my body and it made me realise that my body existed and that it needed urgent care and attention.”

We’ve been on a journey of sorts here at The Doc Collective. For the past four weeks we’ve been profiling Sophie Trew and documenting her empowering story of how she’s thrived after cancer. Whether through her eponymous Trew Talks or her own burgeoning festival Trew Fields, Sophie is dedicated to championing and spreading positive non toxic tips for holistic health, energy and healing.

We’ve learnt much from our time with her and if her message has resonated with you as much as it did with us then look no further for five simple take away integrative approaches for healthy living.

1. Fruit & Veg - Taste the rainbow

Get as many different colours and varieties of fruit and vegetables in you! Eating a variety will help you naturally embrace a wide colour palette, with each food colour boasting different benefits. Plus a colourful plate, gives the added visual appeal of creating an enticing spread.

2. Turmeric - Spice up your life

This bright orange spice boasts several health boosting properties. According to Cancer Research UK a number of laboratory studies on cancer cells have recently shown that curcumin has anticancer effects. Beyond this, another potential benefit of the spicy stuff also includes anti inflammatory properties.

3. Good Sleep - Sweet dreams are made of this

Studies show that sleep deprivation affects the body in several ways whether its lowering cognitive functions (brain function and linked potentially long term to dementia) as well the lowering of one’s immune response (affecting our ability to get over a cold). Essentially, good sleep is key cornerstone for a person’s health and wellbeing. Make sure you get good quality shuteye that your body needs.

4. Rebounding - Get your bounce on

Rebounding is essentially the act of jumping on a small circular trampoline. Why you may ask? Bouncing up and down with gravity and G force pumps our lymphatic systems. Done on a good quality trampoline, this cardio activity gives a nice little indoor kick to the current gloom of January nights and offers a nice alternative for working up a sweat.

5. Mindfulness - Being present

Typically we live our lives often distracted, whether it be ruminating on something that's already happened or yet to happen, it can often mean multitasking induced stress at its worst. However paying attention to the present moment, being in tune with your own thoughts, and to the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing. In turn better equipping ourselves with dealing with stress.

Most of these you’ll already be aware of but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a refresher. Catch below our final fourth episode of our DOCCO Trew Health to learn more about Sophie's Tips!

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