Trew Fields: The UK's First Ever Cancer Awareness and Holistic Health Festival!

On July the 8th 2017, our trio here at the Doc Collective, set off to the outskirts of Guildford. Pulling up at our idyllic end destination — the inviting setting of Thatched House Farm — its fields, were a festive hive of tents, people and bustling activity. With our tent pitched, we joined the throngs of crowd and went on to film one of our most memorable days of summer.

The farm was host to ‘Trew Fields’, the brainchild of Sophie Trew, put together in part with the backing of her friend and collaborator Will Herman. Uniquely, what set this festival apart from others was the first-of-its-kind point of difference — the UK’s first cancer awareness and holistic health festival. Over the course of that Saturday, we were able to witness first hand how the special health event had managed to bring together a diverse community of people.

Collectively, when looking back at the day, what struck us most was the sense of community the festival fostered amongst it’s attendees. Many people we filmed and spoke to there were ready to learn, connect and engage with others in the midst of the uplifting and empowering setting.

Staggered over the day were a series of talks aimed at exploring dialogues around disease prevention, integrative medicine, health and wellbeing and cancer awareness. Trew Fields was organised into three main areas; cancer awareness, holistic health and the music and comedy stage.

The cancer awareness stage was host to 9 different speakers made up of health and wellbeing experts, authors, doctors, nutritionists and those thriving with and beyond cancer. Within the holistic health area, there were workshops taking place with activities like tai chi, yoga, meditation and raw food cooking demos. And lastly there was a music and comedy stage, which included all day performances and gave the day a celebratory uplifting feel.

When asked about the day and her highlight, Sophie says — "What was beautiful about the festival was it felt like walking into a big hug, because everyone was welcoming and no one was judging..."

Included for those quick to snag a spot were free treatments such as massages and acupuncture, which we indulged in when the opportunity allowed. For the first ever run of a festival, the event was incredibly well put together and inspiring to witness. All the more impressive having seen first hand the effort and work Sophie, Will and their friends had put into the run up of the festival to make the event come alive.

Our lasting impression of our time spent in the Surrey hills was the thriving proactive health community out there. Health and wellbeing — whether it be physically, mentally or spiritually — are things many of us can all too often take for granted. Trew Fields for its attendees was an opportunity to reset and reconnect within a like minded community. Leaving the festival, we couldn't help but feel inspired, reinvigorated, determined to prioritise health, above all else. In this new year, and space of reflection we hope our Trew Health series, goes some way to doing the same for you.

In case you missed it, catch our second episode: Trew Fields below:

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