If the rocks could speak this is what they would tell you: discover the legend of the Trolls of Reyn

As you’ve probably been able to discover from the past 5 episodes of ‘The Mythic Guide to Iceland’ legends and myths are waiting for you in every corner of the island. When you take a selfie in front of a column of smoke, you are taking one with the trapped spirit of a condemned soul, if you tag yourself on a photo of the Asbyrgi canyon, you aren’t just doing it anywhere but on the footprint left by Sleipnir, Odin’s powerful 8 - legged horse (so please be careful not to litter!). And of course, if you are at a black sand beach surrounded by green mountains, with an orange, alien-like horizon, with cliffs so geometrical its unnerving and rocks that seem to watch your every move amongst angry waves, do not doubt any longer you are not at a usual volcanic beach. You are at Reynisdrangar, the land of trolls and fishermen, where anything can happen. And as you can imagine rocks are not rocks, and the sea is not always angry just because. And if you get the feeling that you’re being watched, you are right - the rocks are trolls whose bodies were petrified by the sunlight and from then on have had no other choice but to observe the tourists. Sightseers that wake up early to enjoy the sunrise or end their day with the sunset from the opposite side of the town Vik.

These trolls have seen it all: weddings, models posing for the new spring or summer collection on the rocks, shipwrecks and if you’ve visited? They’ve even seen you.

Everyone in the world knows that trolls are nocturnal creatures. They have no other choice because if they’re hit by sunlight, they simply turn into stone. Apparently for the trolls of Vik their night got out of hand due to alcohol and a indulgent meal, but who hasn’t had that happen to them before? Reynisdranger is a volcanic sand beach, surrounded by steep cliffs located south of the island, nearby the beautiful small town of Vik. The legend says that three trolls named Skessudrangur, Laddrangur y Langhamar were caught by the first rays of the sunlight. Caught in the act, as they were dragging a boat to the shore filled with all the fish they had stolen during the night. At The Doc Collective we felt that this version had a lot of loopholes so decided it was best to ask the protagonists fill us in with the details left out of the legend.

We only managed to get a phone interview with two of the protagonists (we don’t know which is which) and the third one was too busy filming a documentary with the Discovery Channel but we’ve got permission to tell their story. If you missed out on last Tuesday’s episode ‘The Trolls and The Boat’ check it out here:

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