The Mythic Guide To Iceland: Witches, ghosts and trolls - Oh My!

It’s exciting times here at The Doc Collective, in our debut week as a platform we’re pleased as punch to have released our very first DOCCO ‘The Mythic Guide to Iceland’.

The first episode ‘An Introduction To: The Mythic Guide to Iceland’ premiered yesterday and we can’t wait to showcase the rest of the series. Be sure to check out further films every Tuesday in the upcoming weeks.

“What’s ‘The Mythic Guide to Iceland’ I hear you cry?”

Docco # 1, is an alternative journey through different iconic locations in Iceland synonymous with different myths and legends. Our tour guides? Why, a colourful cast, including a god, a viking, a ghost, a witch and trolls of course!

In the early stages of working up the idea of filming a guide to Iceland, we thought who better than the protagonists of the stories to tell us what really happened there. Each film is a visual tale, in which our central protagonists of the stories (through first person) tell us their own unique fables.

DOCCO # 1 : 'The Mythic Guide To Iceland'

Episode 1: An Introduction To: The Mythic Guide to Iceland

You're invited to join a once in a lifetime journey to a land where stories began.

Catch the episode here.

Episode 2: The Beginning

The creation myth, learn how the world first began.

Episode 3: Meet Gunna

A ghost who haunts the mist and geyser lands of Gunnuhver, recounts her haunting tale.

Episode 4: Instructions to Steal A Viking Treasure

Prasi the Viking, teases a lyrical trail to the location of his hidden treasure.

Episode 5: The Trolls and the Boat

Two story-telling trolls, reveal the legendary tale of how one night of mischief sealed their petrifying fate.

Episode 6: Gates of Hell

A witch’s spell binding tale of a world long forgotten.

Episode 7: Odin’s Horse

The Alfather of gods narrates his own epic tale of a canyon shaped by his 8 hoofed horse.

Episode 8: Troll’s Party

One troll’s epic night of a party gone wild.

What a line up eh? We’re beyond excited to share with you the stories and interpretations of the myths we’ve worked up. So remember to keep your eyes peeled every Tuesday for legendary tales. Spread the message -- because The Doc Collective is here to stay!

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