So who is The Doc Collective and what the heck is a DOCCO?

Sit tight as we take you on a behind the scenes look into our storytelling world!!!

As a founding trio of female filmmakers with a love for all things documentary, The Doc Collective is our very own lovingly crafted digital platform. A space and playground for us to let our documentary filmmaking and imagination take flight, free of limitation. Our mission is to inspire audiences to see the world differently; discovering and spotlighting the extraordinary in the ordinary.

That said, the world is full of films and filmmakers and you could be forgiven for thinking - “So what?”

Well stay put folks, we’re here to enlighten you.

In the past, as filmmakers we’ve often been faced with the challenge of whittling down a story or narrative to one singular approach. While trusted and proven, it is at times a soul sapping experience casting aside great material in service of ‘the greater good of the story’.

It was in a discussion one day about said frustration that we began to ask ourselves;

“What if we were free from choosing one approach? What if we could reveal the different layers and angles of each story through a constellation of films?”

This was our eureka moment, and we quickly realised there was scope to play with developing a new form of storytelling, one through multiple approaches. So in effect creating a layered narrative of a single topic. It was these questions and ensuing discussions that sparked the idea of a DOCCO:

With this seed of an idea and excitement about the possibilities that lay ahead, we have over the last year toiled away; researching, brainstorming, writing, filming and editing for our inaugural season of DOCCOS to share with the world.

Season 1:

‘Rituals and Beliefs’

In our first season we’ve captured an international array of locations and unique cultural stories, profiling an eclectic range of tales and characters.

From the sunny climes, of Seville and Guatemala to the drizzling grey of London and Iceland, we’ve faced a range of weather and other challenges (more on this in upcoming blog posts).

But for now below is a list of upcoming DOCCOS to look forward to.



A collection of episodes about an alternative travel guide to Iceland led by a colourful cast of mythical creatures.



A collection of episodes about a young woman's ambition to raise awareness on a holistic approach to health.



A collection of episodes showcasing Seville’s emblematic Holy Week.



A collection of episodes portraying a sought after Guatemalean psychic, a beacon of hope amongst his clients



A collection of musical odes to English football chants, and the tribalism they enfoster.



A collection of episodes exploring the social impact of fertility preservation.

Though our selection of content is diverse and eclectic, they all share one unifying theme, this idea of Rituals and Beliefs. At the heart of our first season is an exploration of the human experience: the belief systems as well as rituals we enact universally.

PHEW...! Well done you made it to the end!! BRAVO!! Hope you enjoy our DOCCOS and welcome to the DOCCO family!!!!!

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