The Doc Collective was created to meet 4 goals:

- To answer the need for short-format quality content for digital platforms.
- To capture the attention and imagination of audiences with meaningful content.
- To reveal the sublime in the mundane: telling real people's stories that emotionally resonate.
- To explore and experiment with new forms of documentary storytelling.


If you need help shaping, producing, filming and telling a story that connects with your audience, then don't hesitate in contacting us!

We love what we do

Whatever the story

Wherever the story

The Doc Collective headquarters are based in London and Madrid but our production work isn't just limited to the UK and Spain. 

We have filmed stories in Iceland, Guatemala, Cuba, Kiribati and many other countries. With a passion for travel, wherever the destination, we relish opportunities for international filming.

We care about stories and the way they are told. Our editorial style — intimate, honest and fresh — is infused in the DNA of all our content.

Get in touch at: 

Creative Director/Founding Member:

+44 7522940241

Head of Production/Founding Member:

+44 7450862397

Head of Content/Founding Member:

+34 676144735

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